Humificadores de calidad para cualquier estancia al mejor precio

by Mostafa Hasankhani Fard on December 13, 2022

The humidifiers arrived at the sales stores not so many years ago. As you know, they serve to emit water vapor that increases the humidity in the air of the room in which we put it. In most cases, it is used as a treatment for certain types of physical discomfort such as dry throat or skin. It also helps to eliminate static electricity, and they are very useful in winter to provide some humidity. 


Before you you have the best-selling humidifier model on Amazon, this one from Dershara. It is small in size, but sufficient and most complete. It has a 300 ml water tank design to humidify any room between 4 and 6 hours depending on the speed at which you put it. It has a timer with up to 4 hours. It provides an ultrasonic cool mist to humidify between 30 and 45 ml per hour , and also emits almost no noise: the brand claims that it only emits 35 dB of noise. It will have to be connected simply by USB.

Dershara humidifier

ianjoo Aroma Diffuser

Another of the best models for sale is this one from Hinajoo, somewhat larger, with a 450 ml tank . It is special for oil diffuser, with large volume and small size. It has ultrasonic technology without annoying noises, ideal for home use. It features a water shortage design to ensure safety. It is also remotely controllable. It also includes up to 7 LED colors to set the room, with up to 2 modes. We found it in various colors on Amazon for a price of about 22 euros, here is the link:

hianjoo humidifier



If you are looking for a model with a much more sophisticated design, this is the ideal one. In addition to being larger, since it has a 550 ml water tank . It has an ultrasonic function to produce a slight mist, with an essential oil diffuser kit, with four oils of up to 10 ml and a remote control to change the lights or even activate the timer between 1, 3 and 6 hours . Like the rest, it has an LED light to choose between 7 different colors. Its price is around 25 euros on Amazon, being able to choose between several packs that include various aromas.

CKyin humidifier